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" Always be generous in appreciating yourself, so that you donít feel the need to be appreciated by others "

Santosh Joshi
KEYS : The Secret to a Happy and Regret Free Life



Subtitle : Because EVERYTHING is About Selling
By : Devang Kanavaia and Tanveer Shaikh
Language : English
ISBN : 978-93-83359-30-1
No of Pages : 196
Edition : Paperback
Price : Rs. 250

Best Sellers is a story of two executives in sales and marketing who are going through a tough time with the sales performance of their company, Maxima. They have tried all the traditional rules in sales to revive their teams but it^s just not working.

In their search for a solution, they come across a mysterious person, the Entity, an enigmatic personality who sets them on a journey of learning by ^doing^. In the next few weeks the Entity makes them meet some very unassuming sales people who demonstrate unique traits required of champion sales professionals, the "Best Sellers."

What are these Secret Principles ? Will they Help Save Maxima ?

Will they Help you to discover the Secrets of Increasing revenues?

Join Aditya and Ryan on this journey of transformation, as they meet with people who excel at selling using original ideas and creative thinking.








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