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" Always be generous in appreciating yourself, so that you don’t feel the need to be appreciated by others "

Santosh Joshi
KEYS : The Secret to a Happy and Regret Free Life



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This book has touched the lives of millions of readers world-wide and helped them turn their life around. FOLLOW YOUR HEART is about doing what you love and finding peace of mind. Packed with stories, most of them from real life accompanied by fun cartoons drawn by Andrew Matthews.
Price: Rs. 350
Believe & Achieve
By: Kulin Desai / English
We are a creation of our beliefs. Success in any area of life is a direct result of your belief system. To change anything in life all one needs to do is change their beliefs. Your beliefs will become your reality by applying the four laws of success: - The Law of Belief - The Law of Expectation - The Law of Imagination - The Law of Attraction
Price: Rs. 295
The Magic Of Getting What You Want
By: Dr. David J Schwartz / English

From the bestselling author of The Magic Of Thinking Big, which has sold over four million copies worldwide, here is a book that shows you how to generate more wealth, have greater influence, and get more happiness in life.

Price: Rs. 350
The Eat Right Prescription
By: Dr. Muffazal Lakdawala / English
Advise from India's leading doctor on weight-loss. No fad diets. No quick-fixes. No eliminating traditional foods. From buying the right ingredients, to planning meals, and involving kids in cooking, The Eat-Right Prescription combines medical and scientific knowledge with practical wisdom.
Price: Rs. 295
By: Vikash Mittersain / Cyrus M. Gonda / Nitin Parab / ENGLISH
To lead others successfully , you must first lead yourself . This book presents incisive insights gathered through exclusive interviews with nine of India’s leading CEOs. Featuring Nadir Godrej, Anu Aga, Ajay Piramal, Dr Subhah Chandra Goel and many more.
Price: Rs. 250
Many Lives One Soul
By: Santosh Joshi / English
When we least expect it, life poses numerous challenges, flooding our mind with an avalanche of questions, starting with ‘why me’, to ‘why are things happening the way they are’, to ‘who am I’ and finally, ‘what is the purpose of my life’. Here is a book with answers.
Price: Rs. 250
By: Priya Kumar / ENGLISH

Join bestselling author Priya Kumar as she takes you on an inspiring journey, through the life of one of India’s leading entrepreneurs –Subhasish Chakraborty, the founder of DTDC Couriers and Cargo Ltd.

Price: Rs. 395
By: Ryan Lowe / ENGLISH

Get Off Your Attitude means to think positive and take action—talk, believe, act, and think in a positive manner and change your life!

Price: Rs. 195







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