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" Always be generous in appreciating yourself, so that you don’t feel the need to be appreciated by others "

Santosh Joshi
KEYS : The Secret to a Happy and Regret Free Life



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Core Selling Skills
By: Les Giblin / English

This book talks about the fundamentals of selling- how to sell to people. In a digital age where product knowledge is easily acquired, the art of handling people to get sales, is more relevant than ever before.

Price: Rs. 150
The Richest Man In Babylon
By: George S. Clason / English

This book has helped millions of readers plan their fiances wisely to achieve riches and abundance.

Price: Rs. 150
An All- Consuming Desire To Success
By: John Paul Carinci / English

We each search for a better life, more inspiration, and a way to be more productive and fulfilled. This highly motivating book will change your life.

Price: Rs. 250
7 Secrets Of A Phenomenal Life
By: Howard Patridge / English
Many books have been written about goals, dreams and business, but this one reveals practical, real life, every day techniques for becoming the phenomenal person you were created to be, how to make phenomenal money and have phenomenal relationships.
Price: Rs. 195
I Dare You
By: William H. Danforth / English

William Danforth dares you to break out of your comfort zone- to use your talents and grow stronger- physically, mentally, socially and spiritually, by daring to win in the game of life.

Price: Rs. 195
Are You Living Or Existing?
By: Kimanzi Constable / English

Get started on the road to your dream life?

You are not alone in your journey. This book will help you not only get off the starting line but reach your destination.

Price: Rs. 195
Its Your Life
By: Jim Donovon / English
“In What Are You Waiting For, It’s Your Life, Jim Donovan has put together a magnificent ‘success manual’ that is down to earth, fun to read, and right on target. Read and apply Jim’s proven success principles and you will achieve extraordinary results in your life!
Price: Rs. 195
The Unstoppable Power Within
By: Kieran Revell / English

Kieran Revell’s latest book gives the blueprint for a life of success and outlines the benefits of dreaming of the future as you want it to be. It starts with living in the present moment. “The most important things in your life are occurring this instant.” Live in the present, he says, “and you free yourself up to build on the future.”

Price: Rs. 250







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